Here’s to Your Health and Wealth

Why do so many choose to ignore their health?  Working as a pharmacist I see it in all walks of life, but some more than others. Those professional that work exceedingly long hours choose to work through illness, choose work over rest, and work over exercise and a proper diet.  Ironically, often it is healthcare … more »

Possibilities are as Real as Setbacks

“Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics:  It is addictive, gives momentary pleasure, and separates the victim from reality.”, stated John Gardner, an American novelist and university professor. The time commitments run rampant.  Organizations announce layoffs and businesses state closings or selling off their business.  We become overwhelmed with work.  Lofty goals, … more »

Knowing Everything is a Sign of Confusion

It happens at once when first meeting those individuals who claim to have complete control of the situation and have all the answers; I suspect that they are faking it, they try to be good actors or actresses, but to me they are frauds. As a biomedical sales representative, it was always a pleasure when … more »

Life is Precious Even Through Storms and Stress

Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s most popular tragedy play ends in the tragic suicides of two young star-crossed lovers.  Several movies, plays, and television episodes show a heart-moving death scene.  It may be a case of betrayal or misfortune or love gone awry.  The lead character chooses death as the only solution or possible option.  The … more »

Stewardship as a Means for Greater Pay!

Seldom if ever, do I hear that team members, supervisors, and even Human Resources representatives enjoy the arduous task of preparing and conducting the annual performance appraisal? The evaluation form is most always evokes frustration and disappointment.  Why?  It seldom provides opportunity for the subordinate to say anything other what is in the evaluation.  The … more »

The Risk in Pay for Performance

The healthcare industry employs “pay for performance” or what is also known as “value-based purchasing” as a payment model for reimbursing hospitals, clinics, physicians, and other healthcare providers for meeting specified performance criteria.  Measuring improved quality of life or a longer life span, what is an appropriate and expected outcome, is a metric that is … more »

Working for a Tyrannical Organization

How often have we heard of others working in a “sweatshop?”  Many work in “bullpens” as customer service representatives or inside sales agents.   There are healthcare professionals who work twelve hour days without a lunch break or no break at all.  Managers scream for more productivity without concern for their workers.  Objectives and goals are … more »

Stay Green and Bendable!

Why is it that so often when professionals work so hard, burn the candle at both ends, that life becomes routine.  So much so, that these colleagues become so stuck in their ways. Then too, it is these workers who become smug in their work process.  Confidence bears arrogance and self-righteousness grips these team members.  … more »

Who’s on First; Are You Listening?

The world witnessed a classic World Series; it is historic.  Two great teams battled before a world audience.  Players put on display their athletic talents while team leaders showcased their managerial skills and strategy.  Game seven will be remembered for years to come, and the excitement is that it has and will continue to influence … more »

Rapid Ways for Steering Repugnant People

A supervisor, manager, director, a leader has to work with negative colleagues.  Family and friendships too, there are some challenging personalities and traits to confront. The question often is how do we handle the behavior of a misaligned personality?  And of course, there are several moods and they all need to be handled in a … more »
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