Attempting to Increase the Speed of Life

“Whoa, you’ve got to slow down,” a friend told me over lunch one day.  The comment took me back, I did not want to hear that, and besides, who is he to give me advice?  My “proverbial plate” has a lot on it.  My goals and ambitions are lofty. “So, what makes you say that?” … more »

Becoming an Overnight Success

Well, first of all, the above statement is just not true.  No one becomes an overnight success.  Then too, what kind of success are we discussing?  Individuals may be successful in a professional sports career, success in healthcare, financial, business, music, engineering or academics. One may be successful in relationships and a fulfilling spiritual life.  … more »

Lessons from NatureꟷDeer Watching

Sitting at my desk this early morning, the antics of four young deer grabbed my attention.  The foursome consisted of two twin does only a year old.  I know that as I continue to watch them grow since I first saw them with their mother freckled with their white spots. Two young bucks were chasing … more »

What is in Store for Biomedical Research in 2017?

The title bears a big issue.  Then there is the question too, of the state of healthcare when Donald Trump begins his term as president.  But for now, let us think about medical research. While we await a policy announcement, it looks as though those in medical research have good reason to believe 2017 will … more »

Take Risks to Getting Off the Beaten Path

So many of us want to start a new career, learn something new, work from home, or start a business.  But it is all risk.  Then it is taking the time to ponder and discern. Taking a risk is difficult.  When is the right time?  After much deliberation, what chances do we take? Even though … more »

The Internet of Things (IoT) Could Improve Healthcare

One of the biggest frustrations I have faced as a pharmacist is poor medical compliance by patients.  Surely, I cannot speak for my fellow healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists and other pharmacists, but I am confident that most all will concur. Patients forget to take their medication, or take too much, or too … more »

Thinking About Thinking Towards a New Civilization

The research into the studying of our minds is astonishing.  Only recently has science tackled the study of the mind and consciousness.  Before philosophers and theologians considered and taught awareness, will, and behavior.  Advances in anthropology, cognitive neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), molecular neurobiology, and psychology continue to gain new knowledge and insight.  Then too, there … more »

The Need for Talent in a Growing Biotechnology Market

Indiana ranks as the second largest state in the exporting of life science products.  Its $9.9 billion of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, agricultural supplies, and testing laboratories is second only to California.  Indiana’s contribution to the biotechnology sector accounts almost one-third of its state exports. Indiana like all states seeking to grow and be continued leaders … more »

Seeking New Ventures and Treasure

A person was in search of new treasure.  No one knows if they were a woman or a man, young or old, it makes no difference.  The Hunter sought the new wealth and wanted it now. Desperate to find treasure in little time proved fruitless.  Uncovered was only a small section of a map for … more »

Again, We Look to the New Year

December causes one to review, prepare, plan, anticipate, make resolutions, and set goals.  Preparing for holiday festivities and taking the time to celebrate with family and friends.  Personally, we look at ourselves and our business endeavors and set plans and goals for the coming year. How often is it that we ask this simple question? … more »
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