Are You Smelling the Roses and Tending to Them Too?

Everyone at some time has heard the expression, smell the roses.  That is a good thing, but of course, someone has to tend to the roses too.  Roses, in case you did not know, need a fair amount of attention to thrive. Do remember too, Aesop’s fable, “The Grasshopper and the Ant?”  The ants are … more »

Are You Surprised When Doing What Works, Truly Works?

Professionals working long hours serving clients, treating patients, and answering to leaders is exhausting.  What’s more, one often finds a struggle to maintain a high level of self-esteem.  Then with all the endeavor, all the doing of things properly and according to the procedure, surprise and wonder takes over us, when things work out?  Why … more »

How Did You Observe Three Celebratory Days in One Week?

I can think of no other week in the calendar where one has an opportunity to celebrate three distinctive observance days.  Again, in the same week, we just experienced. First, we observe March 14, or better to think 314, it is Pi day.  The following day, March 15, although it does not receive considerable attention … more »

Hanging Back or Forging Ahead

A most meaningful yet unique quotation came across my desk.  It is by John Chancellor, the American Journalist who spent the vast amount of his career with NBC News.  Attempts have been made to find the source or the reason for John to say, “The avenues in my neighborhood are Pride, Covetousness, and Lust; the … more »

Does it Need to Be a Zero-Sum Game?

It’s a zero sum game when one trades in the commodities markets.  One goes long, one goes short.  As the price rises or falls, someone wins, someone loses.  The sales representative competes for shelf space on the retailer’s shelf.  It does not matter what kind of retailer; a hardware store, a grocery store, a pharmacy, … more »

Just Like Finding Pizza Under the Bed

If you are a parent and checked on your child’s bedroom for tidiness, it’s incredible what one may find.  I find it amusing and sometimes disgusting what I hear kids hide, forget, and smuggle into their bedrooms.  An ice cream bowl, a bag of chips, an old soda can, and yes, even a forgotten piece … more »

Thinking About Recreating Creative Thinking

Do you recall the quotation from Star Trek, the popular science fiction television series?  “Space: the final frontier.  These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.  Its five-year mission:  to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Ask yourself the last … more »

In Quest of the Holy Grail

Oh, how I wish I could hear all the comments from readers when reading the title.  A high number say that I am wrong and there is no such thing.  The title intrigues others to want to read and learn.  And many of you figure that I know and still want to hear what I … more »

Prospering When Making Changes

Resisting change in the workplace is common.  Colleagues resist because of the need to learn something new.  A new procedure, new policies, new software, new colleagues, and new bosses.  It can be draining and require added adaptation and effort, so we comply but are not necessarily happy. Then are those times when we want to … more »

Packing it Way too Full

Years ago, I served my church and the greater church in promoting and teaching stewardship.  It was an enlightening and fulfilling experience with lay people and clergy working together to plan workshops and events.  Ironically, the most arduous task was scheduling a date and time for our next meeting. Looking ahead three months down the … more »
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