Feeling Haughty over Those Who Struggle and are Downtrodden

One of the most disheartening events is being called in on a medical emergency from one overdosing on drugs whose life is in danger.  In a hospital, such an event is known as a code blue.   Usually, it is a young man or woman.  It is sad. During the crisis healthcare professionals struggle to keep … more »

Where Do You Lead Being Dogmatic, Pragmatic, or Undoctrinaire?

Reading a quotation from Sir William Osler, a Canadian physician and one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital induced me to ponder immensely.  He stated, “The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism.” When exposed to an environment where the rules are stringent, the process has no flexibility, and the mandates are … more »

Do You Believe that Pondering and Thinking is a Source of Pleasure?

Boredom with life is something I witness so often in healthcare, both patients, and workers.  What is often coupled with boredom is apathy, lack of initiative, and even low self-esteem.  The hospital patient laments that there is nothing worth doing.  There is no interest in their life, and yet I sense an appetite for excitement … more »

Are You Seeking Gold Down in the Sand Quarry?

Much has been said about the adverse effects of workaholism.  The long hours at the office, travel away from home, giving up weekends all to prove your dedication to the company.  Quality time was a euphemism to work more for the company and not spend time with family. Now thousands are embarking on solo careers:  … more »

Are You a Holy Terror?

I see it more than I like.  Perhaps it is because I have spent a great deal of my time in healthcare.  Caring people who get into some kind of enlightening experience or new activity are excited and are so quick to tell their family, their friends and their colleagues how much they need their … more »

Self-Awareness is the Springboard to Successful Living

Why do so many of us find ourselves comparing ourselves to others and then believe we are not measuring up?  Why do we feel that life is unfair, colleagues cheat, and bosses are cruel?  Why do we lose respect for our talents, intelligence, and abilities?  Why do we find others expect too much and we … more »

Being Objective and Observant When Emotions Run High

It is easy to rant when bad news hits you close to home.  It is so much easier to react and not respond.  Emotions run rampant as the story challenges your beliefs on ethics, fairness, integrity, and respect for others. Of course, there are times we remain calm, perhaps it is because we are apathetic, … more »

What Can I Change, What Must I Accept?

Pharmacists often are asked questions about medications, diseases, and treatments therapies.  The inquiries that are most astonishing are ones that defy nature.   A diabetic patient who now becomes insulin dependent and begins administering their own injections complain, “Why can’t they make insulin in a tablet?”  Another discovers how much their antibiotic capsules they are taking … more »

What Do You Do in Your Spare Time?

What are individuals doing in their free time?  Perhaps many do not think of this question as a relevant one or that it has any importance.  What one does in her or his spare time, I believe speaks volumes about one’s goals, attitude, and initiative. I am not going to provide some sort of statistical … more »

Are You Attending too Frequent and Too Many Long Meetings?

“The length of a meeting rises with the square of the number of people present” a quotation attributed to Eileen Shanahan, the first female reporter for the New York Times. It should not be a surprise that anybody who has attended any kind of meeting, a business meeting, a club, a non-profit organization will fully … more »
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