Replacing Damaged Tissue and Cartilage By Way of a 3D Printer

Imagine a 3D printer being used to print human flesh or cartilage that would replace damaged or diseased tissue.  Research is under way at two medical schools, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina and Pennsylvania State University. 3D printing is not totally new to medicine.  Its use has been in printing metals or … more »

Are Bacteria the Cause of Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer will affect one in eight women in their lifetime.  Virtually all diseases can be tied to genetics, obesity, lack of physical activity, and age as risk factors, being inclinations to developing diseases.  Recent studies have proven that bacteria have implications in stomach and colon cancer, diabetes, and obesity.  Now evidence is pointing to … more »

An Opioid Abuse-Deterrent Seeking FDA Approval

Working in a hospital pharmacy, I see or hear of it all too often; a patient gets admitted to the Emergency Room with opioid overdose.  Some patients pull through, and others do not.  Opioid abuse is a growing epidemic in the United States. The FDA has asked drug manufacturers to research and generate opioid-containing pain … more »

Be Observant at the Manager’s Meeting

In the world where we now communicate primarily electronically; email, text messages, and voice mail messages; attending a manager’s meeting where you see your colleagues can be an excellent opportunity to build solid relationships. I am usually the first one to enter the conference room.  Watching people is truly fascinating.  Some I can easily tell … more »

Calling for a Ban on Prescription Drug Advertising

Television and publication advertisements provoke several questions to the pharmacist from patients.  I have fielded several questions over the years.  “What is your thought on that new drug for my condition?”  “My doctor gave me this prescription for that new drug I saw on TV.  I’m not sure I want to take it; it sounds … more »

Where is the Leadership?

  While working on a pharmacy assignment in a small rural city, I keep watching the development of a new shopping center.  Slowly more businesses are opening their doors.  Only one restaurant thus far, a fast food burger chain erected a new eatery. It has been a struggle to find a place that offers a nice … more »

Your Brain Messages can be Thought of as a City Council Meeting

I have heard so many want to describe their brains like a computer, functioning like one.  Or that computers work like a human brain.  Whoa, not so fast.  The human brain makes decisions and choices that resemble a noisy and boisterous city council meeting more than the whirring sound of the hard drive of a … more »

The Possibilities of a “Holy Grail” Universal Cancer Vaccine

  Imagine being able to renovate human gene cells that would be able to take on and thwart any disease? Cancer cells are normal cells that have “lost their way.”  They have lost their function and grow rapidly and ultimately will kill its host when left alone.  The immune system of the body has a … more »

What Dad’s Do, Eat, and His Age are Associated with Birth Defects

            For years, mothers to be received admonishment; do not smoke, or drink, and eat healthy to promote the birth of a healthy baby.  Now research studies show that fathers may be associated with birth defects, psychological disorders, and unhealthy changes in metabolic activity. Dr. Joanna Kitlinksa, a professor of … more »

Smoke it Out; Grind it Out; Break Out

      A myriad of great quotes has been said on perseverance.  My favorite is Winston Churchill’s, “Never give up, never give up, never give up, never, never, never.”  One first begins with a new idea to engage in a new effort.  Then the arduous task of grinding it out.  It is only when … more »
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