Affirming or Depriving? How Do You Lead?

I worked for managers who found it difficult to express praise or appreciation to their subordinates.  I also shared leadership styles with fellow leaders and found those that would argue with my style.  Keeping their employees off balance or in the dark would enhance their performance they would contend. I would hear the stories of … more »

Do You Know Those Who are in Hurry to Tell Everyone?

As a pharmacist, a healthcare professional, I felt a compelling need to tell patients, supervisors, and colleagues everything that I knew or that I discovered. I learned the hard way that certain information is not shared at all, other times it is a matter of timing.  Relaying information at the right time is critical to … more »

Are You Aware that Patience Indicates Intelligence?

We live in a fast-paced world.  The world that makes it challenging to be patient.  A key goal in business is to be there first.  Efficiency is often equated with expediency and repeatedly becomes an important value to an individual as well as an organization.  Our world becomes a mad dash, a fast race, an … more »

Are You Talking Too Much?

The brain is a fascinating and complex organ; deep within this amazing neural mass is an area known as the limbic system. Simply stated, the limbic system is in charge of emotional responsibility, memory formation, a sense of smell, and an alert system to keep ourselves safe.  When it becomes over stimulated, strong feelings result, … more »

Are you a Conqueror or a Servant?

As a reader of business news, the decisions and actions of organizational leaders most often continue to be a source of admiration and inspiration.  Unfortunately, there are times when leadership goes awry; employees lose jobs, profits tank, and sadly, corruption revealed. The sad stories of Enron leadership are bilking employees of their retirement funds.  Years … more »

Are You Willing to Fall Flat on Your Face?

Let’s face it, being creative is risky.  Suggesting a different method might offend someone.  Mention to an individual that his behavior is inappropriate is surely a jeopardy. However, it is by taking risks that we grow.  Growth is essential to the organization and growth is vital to the success of a person, even more so. … more »

Do You Know Your Customer or How Clever are You?

Of course, it is the information age.  There is informatics with all sorts of analytics.  Analysis portrays trends, best selling products, customer engagement, and the number of clients.  However, do we know our customer? Surveys are sent to buyers of products or services to determine satisfaction.  They aim to provide customer thoughts on preferences and … more »

Are You Achieving Greatness?

How often it is that we hear of great people and the reason is that they did great things.  It is easy to remember great names in leaders; Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Winston Churchill.  Famous athletes include Mickey Mantle, Wilma Rudolph, Walter Payton, Larry Bird, and Wayne Gretzky. Reflecting on science, we think … more »

Whom Do You Know that Buys Junk and Sells Antiques?

It is so easy today to detect falseness in organizations and individuals.  Wait, or is it?  Many get duped into investing in Ponzi schemes or pyramid marketing scams.   Others donate money to supposedly worthwhile causes or even faith based congregations only to be to be disappointed in how little of their hard-earned dollars went to … more »

What is Your Take on Reading and Writing?

Looking back, and not that long ago, few people needed to read or write.   The farmer worked his fields or raised livestock with little reason to write.  Industrial workers labored in factories, again, with little reason to write.  Writing and then reading was left to the owners and specific individuals to take responsibility for written … more »
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