We all see science as analytical, whether it is the physical sciences or life sciences. It’s objective, it’s logical, it’s left-brained. Writing is thought of as a craft, art, an act of creativity, and right-brained. Now the left-brain right-brain theory has been challenged. Dr. Roger Sperry’s research on brain lateralization has given way to finding the brain’s hemispheres work more asymmetrically, becoming specialized and communicating with each other. Writing involves research, creativity, discipline and attention to fine detail. Brad G. Philbrick & Company understands the medical sciences and healthcare to effectively compose compelling articles, white papers, and case studies.

Brad has worked as a staff pharmacist in both retail and hospital settings. He too has been a pharmacy manager in retail as well as being a Director of Pharmacy in a community hospital. Yet he has spent a large part of his career in outside sales.

His sales career began selling microscopes for a distributor in Indiana and Michigan to industrial, clinical, and academic markets. His success in sales was enhanced gaining knowledge in research processes, clinical procedures, and procurement protocol.

Writing effective grant proposals, sales letters, articles, press releases, product catalog descriptions, brochures, reports, and presentations are some of his achievements.

When having gained success as a sales representative, he launched his own manufacturer’s representative agency and distributor of biomedical apparatus. Pharmacology, biophysics, and physiology were critical marketing areas of his company, Phymed Scientific Corporation. Time was primarily spent with university medical schools and pharmaceutical companies. Great knowledge was gained in the biomedical research efforts of scientists in both academia and industry.

This vast experience has led Brad to write his memoirs of life in pharmacy and positions in leadership. Being a manager and leader throughout his career, leadership and organizational development are of keen interest.

Brad does find time to relax. Time is spent working in his gardens or on his N scale model railroad, “The High-Dry.” Both of these pastimes provide relaxation and an opportunity to awaken creative and artistic expression.

Brad lives in Indianapolis with Jane, his wife, and their cat Miss Bean. He can be contacted at bradgphilbrick@gmail.com.
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