Are You Aware that Patience Indicates Intelligence?

We live in a fast-paced world.  The world that makes it challenging to be patient.  A key goal in business is to be there first.  Efficiency is often equated with expediency and repeatedly becomes an important value to an individual as well as an organization.  Our world becomes a mad dash, a fast race, an all out run.  This need for speed tends to obscure high-minded judgment and strains relationships.

Patience provides three important aspects, valuable traits to possess.

First, haven’t you noticed in others that show patience that you tend to think of them as intelligent and wise?  The movie Karate Kid comes to mind.  The young man is impatient and wants to learn martial arts quickly, but the teacher is patient.  He is patient with his student learning, and he is patient with the eventual results, a well-instructed student with a mastery of his skill.  A reward comes to those who are patient; they have a keen eye for seeing the big picture and not getting caught up in minutia.

Patient individuals bring comfort.  Patience brings about harmony and builds relationships.  Those with patience always tend to be great listeners; they hear the concerns of others.  Moreover, in so many ways this ability to listen generates healing, overcomes the ill feelings of failure, and hurt feelings between colleagues over disputes.

Those with patience do not rush in to offer frivolous advice to others or often even worse tell their tales of woe and consternation.  Being patient gives colleagues and friends time to work out their tensions and disagreements and to use their mental acuity to solve problems.

Have you ever noticed how frantic people do not look or search?  They are too busy talking about their issues and being upset to search and think about the matter at hand.  Hurried people often miss the point while being one of high business acumen allows one to see the obvious, to be more observant, and be sharply focused.

Reflect upon yourself and your team; what situations is it most difficult to be patient?  Certain people cause impatience more so than others.  What kind of personality traits challenge your patience?  Work to become even more patient, imagine yourself as a wise, calm, steady, and circumspect leader.