Do You Believe that Pondering and Thinking is a Source of Pleasure?

Boredom with life is something I witness so often in healthcare, both patients, and workers.  What is often coupled with boredom is apathy, lack of initiative, and even low self-esteem. 

The hospital patient laments that there is nothing worth doing.  There is no interest in their life, and yet I sense an appetite for excitement or some form of entertainment.  Individuals who feel empty inside, instead of looking inside they look outside for relief of their boredom and a distraction from their life of inactivity.

It is sad when hospital patients look forward to the nurse coming by to take their vital signs, pass out medications, and ask questions.  When the physician stops by to check on them when their meal is provided, when environmental services stop in to clean their room and when a pharmacist stops by to explain their medications.  It is especially exciting when the phlebotomist comes in for a blood draw.  Often it is the pharmacist who stops in to see them when they are soon to be discharged.  Initially, it was surprising when asked if they were excited and ready to go home when the reply was no, they like it here in the hospital.  Now I find it all too familiar, they have nothing to live for at home, whereas the hospital provides them some form of entertainment and the receiving of attention.

Many jobs become repetitious and tedious.  Several jobs in healthcare can be, and employment in retail or the service industry can become annoying rather quickly; preparing food, stocking shelves, taking inventory, landscaping, painting, and carpentry can all become monotonous labor.

Many come to know the greatest source of entertainment, and sadly, so many still have yet to discover this beautiful place for dismissing boredom.  Or unfortunately, they refuse to put forth any effort. Our own minds is an enormous wellspring of ideas, thought, inspiration and joy!

Start asking yourself questions.  If you could design a botanical garden or arboretum, what flowers, shrubs, and trees would you plant?  If you could become a famous chef, what entrees would be on your menu?  Who is your favorite writer and why?  Who is your favorite hero and why? What one lofty goal could you set and obtain in one year?  What is your favorite musical instrument? Why? If you could change one thing in the world, what would that be?

Alright, you get the point, I am sure.  There is no end to the end of stuff to think about, to wonder, and to explore.  Have fun with your own mind and in so doing you could make this world a better place for you and everyone.