Are You Surprised When Doing What Works, Truly Works?

Professionals working long hours serving clients, treating patients, and answering to leaders is exhausting.  What’s more, one often finds a struggle to maintain a high level of self-esteem.  Then with all the endeavor, all the doing of things properly and according to the procedure, surprise and wonder takes over us, when things work out?  Why is that?

Challenged and diminished self-esteem leads to doubt of our talents and contributions.  A leader needs to recognize team members suffering from burnout and lowered self-esteem.  It is when providing a compliment to these bedraggled colleagues, you will hear them respond in a staggered manner and then continue to be self-deprecating.  The correct response from a member receiving praise is a thank you.   If not, confidence boosting and team building are in order.

Everyone should make a concerted effort to do affirmations as part of a routine.  It is that important.  Yet so often many fail to take care of themselves when they are so occupied in their work of pleasing others.  One such affirmation is to say to yourself, “I am the architect of my life, I build its foundation, and choose its contents.”

Discipline to establish self-esteem will crowd out the negative, and the positive will take over.  Continually acting in a loving, kind, and giving manner, we will come to expect it all the time.  Persistently working on keeping out negative thought patterns will improve self-image and boost confidence in our business and servanthood.

We all deserve success.  Let us not be shocked by success when it comes, but instead, expect it.  You work hard, you are dedicated, and you strive to learn and get better.  Become aware of your progress as you continue to grow.   Be a guiding light to others bask in the success that comes your way.