Just Like Finding Pizza Under the Bed

If you are a parent and checked on your child’s bedroom for tidiness, it’s incredible what one may find.  I find it amusing and sometimes disgusting what I hear kids hide, forget, and smuggle into their bedrooms.  An ice cream bowl, a bag of chips, an old soda can, and yes, even a forgotten piece of cheese pizza!

What is even more astonishing and appalling when grown adults that work as supposed professionals act like immature and unruly brats.  It is sad when associates have no accountability, display apathy, become vindictive, and fail to possess stewardship.  That is offering no respect or concern for their employer’s supplies, property, and expense.

Then one has to question leadership to not being held responsible and accountable for the actions of the team when tasks are not performed correctly or even ignored.  Great leaders lead by example and set the stage for high expectations.

The following true story is a sad tale of what happens with poor performing leadership and poor performing subordinates.  It is an important lesson that stresses the importance of leadership being observant.  The importance of teaching accountability, stewardship, and following procedures.

A hospital failing miserably for the past several years finally closed its doors last December.  The hospital suffered from what evolved as a wrong location, ineffective marketing, and poor leadership.  The hospital lost on average a million dollars a month.

Now but a few colleagues remain to designate furniture, file cabinets, office supplies, and certain consumables to be shipped off to other hospitals or businesses that purchased items.  Other items were then being made ready for an employee sale and finally an auction to the general public.  Considerable time and effort are required in getting things ready and what they found around the hospital is nothing short of a total lack of professionalism and immaturity from a collection of people that are supposed to be healthcare professionals!

The emergency room was left in total disarray.  Boxes of items, like sutures, needles, bandages, and IV solutions were found expired over twenty years ago!  Areas were not cleaned, not organized, and not cared for in any way professional.  Cases and cases of unused, expired product were found unopened and abandoned.  A monumental waste of money.  When anyone else would see this, they would begin to ask, is this why healthcare is expensive?

The surgery department decided to have one last meal together before their final day of work.  The day was done.  None of the uneaten food was disposed of, stored, or taken home.  The food and dirty utensils were left behind as if all the hospital workers were snatched by a bunch of aliens!

No wonder the hospital failed.  Where are the leadership, the management, and supervision?  This should never be allowed to happen, never!  It is evident leadership is not accountable for quality, budget, or accountability.  The staff demonstrated it in unusual fashion.

The dedicated professional employees left long ago to work with like minded people, not wanting part of this deterioration and corruption.  What was left was mostly a bad bunch of irresponsible, lazy, and unaccountable buffoons.  A few good ones are left picking up the pieces.

One has to wonder why the President of this mess still retains his job as a regional President.  His hospital is gone caput. What is the regional president leading now?  A good question, indeed!  He maintains a high salary to lead nothing.   The decisions rendered makes one seriously wonder about healthcare leadership.

Often the case, the captain goes down with the ship.  Not here, the leader loses his ship, stays alive, and basks in doing nothing.  What should be called for is for this inept “Captain” to “walk the plank.”  Surely, they are not going to provide this “Captain” another ship to command?