Becoming an Overnight Success

Well, first of all, the above statement is just not true.  No one becomes an overnight success.  Then too, what kind of success are we discussing?  Individuals may be successful in a professional sports career, success in healthcare, financial, business, music, engineering or academics.

One may be successful in relationships and a fulfilling spiritual life.  How is success measured?  Is success gaining prestige?  Is success acquiring wealth? Is success enjoying the intimacy of a loving relationship? These types of achievement did not come overnight as if purchasing the winning lottery ticket or pulling a rabbit out of a magician’s hat.

Being successful, everyone pays the price, that is, we work at it.  Success is not a matter of luck.  Achieving success does not come quickly.  Success is far from easy.  It is just that so many jealous or envious people seem to think so.  Eddie Cantor, a comedian, songwriter, and singer who wrote “Merrily We Roll Along,” said, “It takes twenty years to become an overnight success.”

No one should be quick to be jealous or make snap judgments of another’s success.  There is no doubt that all successful individuals overcome doubt, fear, lack of confidence, failures, laziness, and bouts of apathy before becoming a success.

So often successful people are calm and serene.  They exude confidence with humility and gratefulness. While these successful individuals still work, a metaphor comes to mind.  Have you watched a duck swim in a pond?  They appear to glide so effortlessly across the water.  But if you could see below the water, their webbed feet paddle frantically.

Success comes from working at it.  One works each day and takes each day as it comes and doing the best we can.