Thinking About Thinking Towards a New Civilization

The research into the studying of our minds is astonishing.  Only recently has science tackled the study of the mind and consciousness.  Before philosophers and theologians considered and taught awareness, will, and behavior.  Advances in anthropology, cognitive neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), molecular neurobiology, and psychology continue to gain new knowledge and insight.  Then too, there is the significant progress in technology.  And this leads to the view we are moving to a neobiological civilization.

Is it no wonder that carbon, one of the essential elements of life, and silicon, a key component in computer processors have the same valence of four, the same group of fourteen or IVa in the periodic chart?  Knowledge is now doubling every thirteen months.  IBM firmly believes the internet will lead to the doubling of knowledge every twelve hours!


Indeed, it appears that we are moving rapidly towards a neobiologial civilization where computers, robots, and machines become increasingly more life-like as it evolves, learns, and adapts in biologic ways.  Imagine bioengineering, biotechnology, and molecular biology surpassing mechanical engineering and technology.  Knowledge of the brain and genetic engineering would allow us to customize and design our brains from a “menu” of whatever we choose.  Just like the old proverbial saying, contemporary adaptation and selection would never again need to be mindful of “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

There is still the need for more research needed to gain greater knowledge of human behavior.  Despite the advances in the studies of life and technological advances in robotics and machinery, there will still exist a relationship between human life with other living things and our blue planet.  Humans will still have a genetically based emotional need to be in a relationship with the rest of the world.  This need will always be just as much as the need for developing close and personal relationships.