Seeking New Ventures and Treasure

A person was in search of new treasure.  No one knows if they were a woman or a man, young or old, it makes no difference.  The Hunter sought the new wealth and wanted it now. Desperate to find treasure in little time proved fruitless.  Uncovered was only a small section of a map for locating the treasure.  The search then was on to find more parts, but no luck.

The treasure hunter began seeking using only the small section of a clue that he possessed.  The first step taken brought him to barren plains, desolate, weedy, and rocky.  Amongst a small pile of rocks and hidden by cockleburs and thistle another section he found another part of the map.

The next clue seemed even more strange than the first one.  The second clue took the seeker to a small town and the quaint old library.  It was in a section of history books that he discovered another piece of the map.  Step by step, place by place, the parts of the map were combined.  And from there he made a complete plan and joyfully located the treasure.

Of course, there is a valuable lesson here.  Clearly, we need only to take one step at a time.  So often we want it now.  We tend to charge ahead, a methodology that often leads to disaster.  Or even worse, we choose not to set course, we decide not to seek because it is felt not to be worth the effort, the time, or fear of failure.

The Roman god Janus, many surmise, is who the month of January is named after.  He is the god of transition, of gateways or doors.  Janus has two faces, one looking to the past, the other the future.  So often this time of year we review our year’s events and accomplishments and set goals and plans for the new year.

For those embarking on new careers, new endeavors, lofty goals, and huge plans, take heed and progress one step at a time.  Action, persistence, and patience yield progress, even if it is but one step at a time.