Again, We Look to the New Year

December causes one to review, prepare, plan, anticipate, make resolutions, and set goals.  Preparing for holiday festivities and taking the time to celebrate with family and friends.  Personally, we look at ourselves and our business endeavors and set plans and goals for the coming year.

How often is it that we ask this simple question? Why can’t I peek into the future?  Just think how great we think that could be.  We would make the perfect stock predictions.  We could rule the commodity market.  We would know what marketing plan will work and what approach we needn’t waste our time.  Life would be easy; there would be no stress or planning, or concern.  We would save precious time by never making a wrong choice.  No more roadblocks, detours, no more getting egg on our face and no more fear.

Let’s think these thoughts through.  If life were that easy, where is the value?  We are familiar with the expression, “no pain no gain.”  There can be no value without work, without pushing the envelope, without exerting effort.  It is in NOT knowing our future that causes us to grow, to learn, and motivates us to become better.

A life of no challenges and opportunities for personal growth reminds me of the life of Garfield, the cat.  A fat cat, indeed.  A life of lasagna and laziness.

It is in not knowing that keep us active.  We seek to learn; we research, and we pursue.  We build character and integrity when we stand up and take on challenges and set goals that stretch our current levels of physical and mental well-being.   The hard work then teaches us patience and perseverance.  Our hard work brings about success, and there comes improved self-esteem.

A thoroughly mapped out life wouldn’t be challenging, it would be downright annoying.  Blazing our trails, exploring new areas, and taking the time to learn makes an adventure out of life.