Knowing Everything is a Sign of Confusion

It happens at once when first meeting those individuals who claim to have complete control of the situation and have all the answers; I suspect that they are faking it, they try to be good actors or actresses, but to me they are frauds.

As a biomedical sales representative, it was always a pleasure when calling upon a successful and well respected, researcher.  They were the customers that would roll out the red carpet, were friendly, helpful, kind, and humble.  Telling of their research endeavors was always enjoyable.  The scientist’s story was always told in an entertaining, enlightening, yet humble manner.  What impressed me most was when I would ask a question.



When the esteemed researcher did not have an answer, the reply was simple, “I don’t know.”  The professor could say this with humility, yet with confidence and a healthy self-esteem.

The fraud, however, would meet me with a defensive posture.  There would be an overly aggressive demeanor and even hostility.  A successful sales representative asks questions.  It is for the purpose of understanding the customer’s needs and challenges so that he may offer the best solution.  Yet, the fraud confronts the well-meaning rep, challenges the sales person’s abilities and character.


One resorts to acting in attempts to cover up a lack of knowledge, or confidence, or self-image.  They seek self-assuredness as the need to control.  They jump into action and insist on taking control of the sales presentation.  They make a point to ask the questions; I believe that way they can cover up what lack of knowledge they have, they do not want to appear weak.

My favorite sentence is, “But I can learn.”  Instead of being an imposter, take the time to learn.  Learn from others, be open-minded.  One needs to give in and not try to control.  Control is fraudulent.

Wisdom and knowledge amongst our fellow man is described in a profound poem:


He who knows not and knows not that he knows not,

He is a foolꟷshun him;

He who knows not and knows he knows not;

He is simpleꟷteach him;

He who knows and knows not he knows,

He is asleepꟷwake him;

He who knows and knows he knows,

He is wise; follow him.