Working for a Tyrannical Organization

How often have we heard of others working in a “sweatshop?”  Many work in “bullpens” as customer service representatives or inside sales agents.   There are healthcare professionals who work twelve hour days without a lunch break or no break at all.  Managers scream for more productivity without concern for their workers.  Objectives and goals are task oriented and not people oriented.

What is the result of working for such organizations or bosses that choose to treat their people this way?  Individuals give up their freedom.  In essence, they no longer are an individual.  They become a slave.  They lose their self-respect and are brain-washed to believe they can do no better career-wise.  One becomes a victim, a pawn, or even worse; they take on the creature of a workaholic addict.


Stockholm Syndrome occurs in the workplace?  Stockholm Syndrome is that psychological occurrence where hostages express empathy and even have positive feelings toward their captors to the point where they will even defend and identify with the captor.  Sure it does, at least a form of it.  It is the employee who works twelve hour days, weekends, and all holidays in an attempt to win favor with the oppressive manager.  This employee believes himself to be the dedicated contributor to the organization.  He strives to get any recognition but rarely sees or hears it.

It is sad when a worker loses all self-confidence, instead, lives out of fear and not faith in his abilities and his work performance.  This operator seeks comfort in working for a tyrant rather than know what he could accomplish for himself or what more he could be and contribute to society.

Somehow, some way, job-holders in this kind of environment must draw up some self-worth, and some fortitude.  Then ask questions to the taskmasters of why they treat workers the way that they do.  Why the harsh rules, why the demoralizing words, and why the offensive work environment?


Surely, one might fail.  The attempt to freedom is hard.  The effort will require courage, focus, and faith.  Freedom from slavery will make us healthy, and the most valuable lesson learned is that of becoming self-reliant.