Stay Green and Bendable!

Why is it that so often when professionals work so hard, burn the candle at both ends, that life becomes routine.  So much so, that these colleagues become so stuck in their ways.

Then too, it is these workers who become smug in their work process.  Confidence bears arrogance and self-righteousness grips these team members.  They become so haughty that their belief that change is unnecessary.  Change takes time, is counter-productive (to their routine), and labeled a detriment and interruption to the organization.

A great African proverb comes to mind, “If you refuse to be made straight while you are green, you will not be made straight when you are dry.”


Of course, a live tree branch, which is green wood, bends, and sways without being broken easily.  The same is true too of human bones.  When we are young, our bones will bend before they simply break.  But as we grow older our bones become more brittle and less accepting of change.  We need to be accepting of the thoughts and ideas of others and to openly discussion change, changes for the better.  Another way to look at this is being open to change is to stay young, to be green, and more adaptable.  The willingness to discuss new ideas is a way to stay young, it is a way to stay fresh.


John Maxwell has written an excellent book, Thinking for a Change, Eleven Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life and Work.  Individuals struggling with change and dealing with self-righteousness need to change for their survival.  They need to reflect and ask three questions that John Maxwell asks himself.  What did I learn today?  What should I share?  What must I do?


How certain are you of your opinions?  Are you making concerted efforts to stay fresh and open to new ideas?  Are your portraying an aura of openness to your colleagues?  Do they come to you for ideas or are they leaving you out?