Rapid Ways for Steering Repugnant People

A supervisor, manager, director, a leader has to work with negative colleagues.  Family and friendships too, there are some challenging personalities and traits to confront.

The question often is how do we handle the behavior of a misaligned personality?  And of course, there are several moods and they all need to be handled in a different manner.

Bad behavior is always frustrating and draining.  Use the poor behavior as a catalyst for swinging him or her into your court.  When you have a work colleague, an acquaintance, a friend that is:

Silent:  Ask plenty of questions to draw out answers.  Find out what is on the person’s mind, then you should be able to take it from there.

Boastful or Arrogant:  These individuals are struggling with their self-worth.  You need to build them up whenever you can.  Successfully doing so will provide a strong ally in your corner.

Prying, Meddling, or the Snoop:  Keep it simple, just say, “I keep my private life private.”  Insist and be firm.


Critical and Complaining:  First, give yourself kudos and a pat on the back.  Individuals who consistently find fault are stating that you are important to them.  It may seem amazing and unbelievable, but it’s true.  You have this person’s attention and respect.

Self-Righteous:  This person is quite the challenge.  They are well intended but offensive.  Just take a deep breath and exhale; relish in the knowledge that you know you have your faults and weaknesses as does everybody.  You can only hope that maybe someday the self-righteous colleague will become honest with himself and realize that he has faults like everyone else.


Demanding and tenacious:  First, calmly tell the demanding one that you can do just so much and no more.  Second, do all you reasonably can and make not even the most minute effort to do more.

Insolent:  This behavior should not even be tolerated in the workplace.   When confronting this behavior with fellow workers, friends, or family be patient.  But then, make it extremely clear that he or she is not to mistake your patience for weakness.

Always follow your course.  Never give in to a wrong behavior, stay true to yourself and remember what it is that you want from the bad behavior person.  Make it a habit of studying the problem person.  In many ways, it is entertaining.  Lastly, remain tactful, it is through your tact that you will meet your objectives.