Another Look at the Importance of Synergy

synergy-capitalNearly everyone in leadership regardless of the industry knows of synergy.  Synergy is that amazing occurrence where the sum of two parts is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Solving problems and seeking innovation is enhanced when a group of individuals comes together to form a think tank.  This collaboration, the meeting of the minds spawn synergy.  Each has crafted their ideas; when they come together as a group, the creativity sparks and ignites.  New ideas are formed that no one had considered.  A wonderful excitement and positive energy engulf the meeting.  This new positive force forges new ideas and fresh outcomes that would never have come to fruition if all the members of the group continued to work alone.

Where does your organization stand in forming synergy?  Many industries promote synergy encouraging thought and creativity by individuals and then involving them in a think tank task force.  Then there are those organizations that do not.  Even worse, are companies solely based upon a vertical structure of management.  Decisions and innovations are all made with the CEO at the top and passed on down to management and team members to implement.  Of course, it may be successful; but wouldn’t the opportunity to collaborate give them a greater chance of success?

cell-wall-20-638Ponder this.   Trees can grow vertically successfully for one small, simple, but prolific reason.  All plants have a cell wall.  Animals do not.  Plants, though engage in synergy in a marvelous way.  A tiny acorn with soil, water, and the sunshine produce a mighty oak.  A tall tree can enjoy solitude and grow well on its own, or it can be part of a community, in this case, a grove.

lightbulb-communityWe as humans, need to work together, to form a community, to achieve more than the sum of individual parts.