Some Lessons Need to Learned on the Battlefield


Have you given thought that there is a gift, a valuable lesson in any problem or challenge that you face?  It is much easier to handle problems from a distance.  And if we can, we will quickly mishandle the challenge to dismiss it and to move on to something that gives us pleasure.

Unhappiness that is caused by problems of any measure has a value all its own.  Running away too quickly, we fail to learn the whys and the hows and the whats and even the whos of the misfortune that is causing us disillusionment.  We will lose learning the truth.

chess-piece-battleOften too, we overlook the fact that while we are in the fray, we are surviving!  The fact that you are still on the battlefield shows that you are doing something right.  Our bouts, battles, and even small tiffs provide us valuable lessons that we may learn, grow and eventually prosper.

When being betrayed, we learn prudence.  Discouragement teaches us to be realistic.  We can overcome depression by realizing that tomorrow is a brighter day.  Working for a tyrant enables us to appreciate kindness and to persevere.  Dealing with incompetent leadership provides us the need to seek knowledge and wisdom.  Should we be unhappy because we are bored we should have creativity and innovation?  The toll of being overburdened or being taken advantage of awakens us to appreciate life and to motivates us to learn to stand up for ourselves and search for new work that provides us fulfillment.  When feeling the hurt of being unappreciated, we can learn to appreciate the gifts, talents, and efforts of others.

strindbergIt is in learning to understand the battles of unhappiness on the battlefield that you may learn from the trials and challenges and grow.  It is then that you acquire fulfillment, happiness, and ultimate joy.