Are We Modern Day Slaves?


We tend to applaud automation that it makes our lives easier.  Often it is robots that do the assembly line work, the mundane, the repetitious work once done by man.  This modern day innovation, of course, is a good thing, at least most of the time.

What happens when employers attempt unrealistic expectations and quite often succeed in obtaining complete control over us.  Allowing this to happen we lose our individuality, our values, and our choices.  We become slaves.

Bad and unappreciative corporate leaders often have ways to “motivate” the “modern day slave.”  Organizations will claim, “What about the community?”  “We need to meet our numbers.”  “We will have a pizza party if we make the goal.”

Erich Fromm, a noted German social psychologist, sociologist, and philosopher stated, “The danger of the past was when men became slaves.  The danger of the future is when men may become robots.”

robot-slave-lowWhen we allow tyrant bosses to do that to us, we become as though we are victims of addiction.  We are degrading ourselves and even those who care for us when allowing this to happen.  It is sad that so many companies today treat employees like slaves, a mere number, another body that can be easily replaced.   In short, they feel it is alright and within their power to treat team members like slaves.

innovative-bulb-exudes innovative-bulb-exudes Leaders must realize and respect that colleagues are individuals.  Proper motivation is one that builds a worker’s self-worth.  High self-worth infuses positive energy and this in turn will lead to a highly productive team.  Team members are not to be treated like a robot, which in so many ways is a modern day euphemism for a slave.  Successful organizations are the ones that promote creativity, innovation, and imagination while still working as a team allowing the institution to grow and flourish.

Individuals must realize that they are in fact, individuals.  Seek freedom, maintain one’s values, and be sure to respect the individuality of others.