You Cannot Be Creative if You are a Work Addict


Jobs and even professions are important but may be repetitive, rote, mundane, and unchallenging.

Healthcare, a familiar arena, is an arena replete with long hours and analytical work that does not allow for creativity or time to better one’s environment.  In many ways, it becomes a trap.  There are other industries and lines of work that this holds true as well.

work addictWhen we define ourselves only by our work we become a workaholic.  Workaholics seldom, if ever, can say that they enjoy being creative, inventive, intuitive, or revolutionizing.  Talented and respected surgeons are the ones who take time out from the surgery room to share their successes with others while listening to their colleagues to find a creative and more effective way of performing procedures.

Of course, we have to work to survive.  We all will be better people if we do not drown in our work.  We need to seek moderation in work.   We will be better people if we give ourselves time to reflect, to be creative, and inventive.

Pablo Picasso, the world renowned painter, said, “Some painters transform the sun with a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

It becomes a matter then, are you the one who is getting the job done without brilliance, without a sense of beauty, with no insight, or any imagination?

work addictionIndividuals and organizations both need to understand that for colleagues to do their finest work, there must be ample time to grow and to be free.  One must be able to transform the yellow spot into the sun.  Being able to both live and work in an atmosphere of invention is life fulfilling and affirming while not being judgmental and workaholic.

inventionValue should be placed on invention.  Assess your opportunities.  Take what you know well and apply it to other aspects of your life, sport, a hobby, or sharing your knowledge with others.  Think of ways to open up and be more insightful in your work and your life.