Growth for the Sake of Growth is Dangerous

rapid growth

rapid growthThe rapid growth of an organization often leads to a lack of purpose.  Fortunately, it is only that some leaders grow their institutions it seems, for a sense of power, pride, or a false sense of well-being and self-esteem.

It is unfortunate that these leaders are short-sighted.  Ultimately damaging a business or even destroying one are the dire consequences for attempting to satisfy an ego.  Thinking totally of oneself and not others or the organization you serve is like cancer.  Think about it; it is the cancer of business, a non-profit organization, or any institution.

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. ꟷEdward Abbey

cancer cells

Cancer is a disease that involves abnormal cell growth that has the potential to invade to other parts of the body.  These one-time functional and useful cells have lost their purpose and only grow rapidly and damage healthy cells in their invasion.

Examples of business cancer are the sad results of failed banks and bank bailouts, stock scandals, and Ponzi schemes.  They have ruined many lives financially and emotionally.  Then there are the executives who trim wages, cut benefits and reduce staff so that they may enjoy a huge bonus and an increase in salary.

purpose of businessSuccessful organizations and successful leaders are ones that think of their people.  Successful leaders too, look for answers in their hearts.  Growth for the sake of growth is dangerous.  Growth for the sake of growth for personal gain while hurting others should be criminal, often it is.

Growth comes to those and their organizations who have a purpose and strive to fulfill these expectations.  Real growth, real success, comes from living a life of purpose that serves and benefits everyone.