The Greater One’s Passion the Greater One’s Life



passionLiving a life without taking risks, a life of living in extreme caution only leads to a small life.   Perhaps too, we spend our lives in a job that we find boring, no challenge, there is no fulfillment.  Risking taking on a new career, a new venture, and learning something new is too much to undergo.  We rationalize that it might be boring, but it is safe, it gets us by without failure.  So we live a life of mediocrity.

Passion and purpose are what makes life worth living.  I have always liked trains and wanted to pursue model railroading.  I held back because I said it would take time and money.  I did not have confidence either in building a layout and learning electronics.  I was holding back using failure as an excuse not to move forward.  My wife and son said to go for it.  So I did.  I bought books on the hobby and had fun learning.  I was getting ready now to design and build a layout.  I needed help with design and the benchwork, the wooden framework that supports one’s railroad.

n scale layoutThe local hobby shop introduced me to a great modeler.  He wanted to help me plan and build a layout for my basement.  We made the decision what area to model.  I wanted to start with a small layout of about four square feet.  My friend replied, “Life is not a stage.”  I will help you, but you have to go bigger.  I was apprehensive, fearful, and afraid to make the jump.  But jump I did with a layout twelve feet wide and forty feet long.  I am glad that I did and did not look back.

There are things in life where you don’t hold back but go all out. You will find too, that the more excited you get and the greater your passion, the greater becomes your self-esteem and a sense of purpose.

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Think big!