Mercury Poisoning Attributed to Skin Preparations

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Skin is the largest organ of the body, yes, that is right, it is an organ.  It is important that we take proper care of our skin and part of that is using cleansing and protective products that promote skin health and not damage this essential part of our body.

When shopping for skin care products make sure to read the label for ingredients and avoid those products that contain mercury.  Should you read words “mercury,” “mercurio,” “calomel,” or “mercurous chloride,” the product contains mercury.  Should you already have these products at home, immediately stop using these products.  Most often mercury is in skin lightening and “anti-aging” creams and balms.

faceThe FDA does a remarkable job of protecting its citizens.  Many of these mercury-containing skin cosmetics are produced in other countries and are sold illegally in the United States.  Many times retailers are not aware of the contents nor are aware of the laws and harmful effects of mercury.

Why is mercury harmful?  Mercury damages the nervous system.  Pregnant mothers and nursing infants, and young children are most vulnerable.  Exposure to towels and wash clothes, the touch of a face, and even vapors emitted from mercury has the potential for causing damage to developing brains and nervous systems of young children.

HgOther serious effects of mercury toxicity include irritability, shyness, tremors, memory problems, changes in vision or hearing, depression, and numbness or tingling of hands, feet, or around the mouth.

Should you have, any mercury-containing products at home treat it as hazardous waste.  Place the container in a plastic bag or some other leak proof container.  Check with your local authorities for proper disposal of these poisonous products.  Many communities now provide special collection sites for disposing of hazardous waste.

Be observant and check the labels of your skin care products.  Skin is an important organ that deserves your utmost attention so that in turn, your skin can help you to lead a healthy life.