Eagles Embrace Turbulence and So Should We

soaring eagle

Eagles fascinate me, and I am always in awe and admiration when I see one.  Watching them soar or perch while being focused and observant.  Then to see them coming down from the sky to snatch a fish successfully from the lake with its might talons and continue its flight to its aerie.  Simply amazing and beautiful.

eagleI am reading and learning the behavior of these most powerful birds.  There are so many traits and actions of eagles that we could emulate to be better and more productive human beings.  One such trait is how they use turbulent winds to their advantage.  Flying in an airplane turbulence means a bumpy ride.  The pilot announces that everyone fastens their seat belt.   All one is expected to do is to endure and ride it out till it passes.  Turbulence in the workplace means chaos, challenges, or change.

Turbulent winds help an eagle to soar to new heights and launch him to speeds more than one hundred miles per hour.  Eagles do not avoid turbulence; they embrace it.  They seek out where turbulence is found, on mountains and cliffs.  These land objects create an upward draft when winds collide, and the eagle wisely uses these drafts as a launching pad to greater heights and swifter flight.

pair of eaglesWhen challenges face us how do we respond?  It is far better to think how I can learn from this challenge? What is there to gain going through difficult times?  Where will the turbulence take me?  How do we survive and learn to thrive from our experiences?  How can I soar like an eagle and be propelled to new heights and new awareness?