The Way Down is the Way Up
up and down

Think about it.  It is so common in all of nature and human life that we are oblivious to it or take it for granted.  We plant a seed into the soil only for it rise and grow and bring forth its fruit.  Maybe we can think of it as a type of rhythm too.  The four seasons take us from winter’s dark, dreary, and cold to give birth to new growth in spring to the warmth of summer only to see autumn bringing change in colorful fashion to once again to winter.

There are tales, novels, and historical accounts in human life too that hitting bottom seems to be a pretense for achievement and rising above it all to gain success.  So often we must sacrifice something to achieve something.  Dr. Faust sells his soul to the devil to achieve power and knowledge.  Sleeping Beauty must sleep for a hundred years before receiving the Prince’s kiss.  In the Bible, Joseph becomes both a slave and prisoner before becoming second in command in Egypt.

Where are you at in your life?  Do you recognize where you are in your life?  Are you afraid to venture onto a new journey, a new challenge, a new opportunity because you fear going down before going up?  Maybe you have put so much energy and effort into your enterprise and feel no reward for the work done.  Or perhaps you are thinking, but I have been up, and now I am fearful of going down.

Life and nature appear to go in cycles.  This event or time in your life too shall pass.  Always continue to strive for the prize that awaits you by diligence and perseverance.