Observe the Problem Person to Build Your Personal Power

self empowerment


You can make great strides in improving your personal power by closely observing those negative traits of others.  Often the difficult colleagues are despised and resented.  Instead, use them to learn how to better yourself.

The one who embraces ignorance and resists change enlightens you to the value of knowledge.  The co-worker who is self-righteous and obnoxious in his opinions shows the need to have an open mind.  The “doom and gloom,” recluse and shy person exemplifies the need to be outgoing and be willing to assume the risk and be venturous.  In short, let negative characteristics of others propel you to perform the opposite.

observeAgain, it is wise not to reject those with behavioral flaws.  People like to be liked.  Sway these colleagues to like you.  A few simple traits to win over team members are to be dependable, be authentic, show sincerity, be decisive, and maintain a high level of enthusiasm and encouragement. When these forlorn individuals find someone that likes them, their support and loyalty to that colleague will shine.

I saw that successful action by a highly regarded pharmacy retail store manager.  He gained a store transfer employee to be his new stock clerk.  Clyde’s reputation preceded him.  He was lazy, withdrawn, not overly productive and known to be a grump.  It was up to my manager, Ed, to turn this guy around.  It was to be Clyde’s last chance.  Clyde was so bad that he became known as “Clyde the Slide.”

In an amazing two short weeks, Clyde was excelling at his job, and fellow employees and even customers enjoyed being around him.  I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with Clyde.  He was extremely helpful to me the young pharmacist.

Ed knew I was aspiring to be a manager.  I asked, “What did you do to turn Clyde around?”

Ed said, “Well it turned out to be quite simple.  I asked him what he did for fun and relaxation.  I figured he must do something when away from work.  He has a hobby of painting metal miniature soldier figures.  He got excited that I showed interest.  I then asked him to bring some in to show me.  He was excited to display his work.  And that Brad was all it took.  So Brad, ask him about his soldiers and he will be most supportive and helpful.”

others performanceHow do we go about talking to our fellow colleagues?  Tactfully.  It has proven that the use of direct force is not an effective way in supervising people.  Successful leaders do not need the harsh direct approach.  Successful leaders realize that serving one’s self-interest is key.