To Be Productive or Pre-occupied, that is Now the Question

pied piper

Monday Nintendo stock rose an astonishing 32% on the Tokyo stock exchange.  It is continuing to increase daily.  Why?  It is because of a new game, that is a location-based app on your mobile phone, it’s Pokemon Go.

People are walking all over attempting to locate Pokemon characters.  Are you aware that in a mere 72 hours after launching Pokemon Go users have exceeded Twitter’s daily users?  So once again millions of people are pre-occupied with some new game app.  For me, a business owner, a former manager, and one who believes in productivity; are Pokemon Go users productive?

So you may think I am paranoid, but when I am driving and see people on their cell phones, what are they doing?  I am afraid they may be playing Pokemon Go!  Are electronics the current day Pied Piper of Hamelin and so many are being led like a bunch of rats?

einstein idiotsOf course, we all need a form of relaxation, to take time out to play, but think about where and how much of your time you are spending.  Then are there humans who honestly believe they can play Pokemon Go (or any other app) and still work too?

Being pre-occupied and questioning productivity should be a grave concern.  Are individuals losing the ability to think critically, to strategize, to be creative, to develop, and to innovate?  Are employers losing productivity from their team members?  If so, what can business leaders do to increase or perhaps I should maintain an acceptable level of productivity to remain profitable as an organization.

As humanity are we losing the ability to be focused, to have determination, to continue and strive toward personal or business goals?  Even worse, are we losing touch with reality, interaction, and the ability to create, perform tasks, and be productive?  It appears that it is time for a “counter-revolution.”  We need to promote the desire of creativity in individuals and to negate only following the path of least resistance.