One Minute of High Intensity Exercise to Your Good Health!

stationary bike exercise

If you are one who hates to exercise, don’t like exercise, or do not have the time because of a busy schedule.  If you can find a minute to engage in physical exertion, a recent study has some great news for you.

McMaster University researchers in Hamilton, Ontario Canada claim that one minute of high-intensity exercise has similar results to forty-five minutes of a moderate intensity cardiovascular workout session.

Researchers chose 27 out of shape men that took part in a twelve-week study.  The men took part in one of three groups; a sprint interval training (SIT), moderate-intensity-control training (MICT), and a control group that did not perform any exercise.  The SIT and MICT groups conditioned three days a week.  Before the study, the exercise volunteers were assessed for cardiovascular fitness and how well their bodies regulated sugar and their insulin sensitivity.

The exercise regimens were performed in two ways.  The MICT group rode a stationary bicycle for 45 minutes plus an additional two-minute warm up and a three-minute cool down.  The SIT exercisers did a two-minute warm-up; cycled intensely for twenty seconds; then cycled for two minutes at a slow pace; 20 seconds again of going all out, giving it their all; two minutes of another slow pace; one last 20-second sprint; a three minute period of winding it down.

Data from both approaches to the cycling exercise were nearly identical.  Both groups realized notable endurance improvement by 20 percent while insulin resistance resulted in greater improvement.

Martha Gibala, a professor of kinesiology at McMaster Unversity, and who is the lead study author in the research stated, “Our study shows that an interval-based approach can be more efficient – you can get health and fitness benefits comparable to the traditional approach in less time.”