Your Brain Messages can be Thought of as a City Council Meeting

I have heard so many want to describe their brains like a computer, functioning like one.  Or that computers work like a human brain.  Whoa, not so fast.  The human brain makes decisions and choices that resemble a noisy and boisterous city council meeting more than the whirring sound of the hard drive of a computer.

The brain has many channels, pathways, or ways of inputting messages that offer a multitude of responses.  It seems the messages that elicit the highest voltage or scream the loudest is what we choose to respond or react.

How do we respond when someone questions our character?  What do we say or do when someone attacks our self-image or harshly criticizes our work?  Do we react in a fight, flight, or fright manner?  Do we think and respond by saying to ourselves, roll with it or do we confront it and negotiate the matter?

It is obvious now that our brains offer us choices based upon emotions as well as information.  Our brains sort out opposing messages.  We have the ability to make choices from what our brain is telling us.  The easy choice is to “fly off the handle” and attack, or often we feel that we must split the choices equally, even though these choices may not be good.  The easy choices are usually negative ones and to split negative, and positive choices equally yield no positive net term results.


Slow down, think, and work to eliminate the negative thoughts.  Persist and focus on the positive and the negative thoughts will become fewer and weaker while our confident and calm thinking will become stronger.  If we do this, we will make the right decisions in a serene manner; it will be an orderly courtroom where the best choice is determined from a bombardment of voices.