The Longest Living People Have Mutual Qualities

healthy lifestyle

Observing patients in both retail and hospital pharmacy, I see the chronically sick and those who are healthy with the occasional setback.

Retail pharmacy chains have their greatest number of stores, and these stores do the greatest amount of business in poor neighborhoods.  Lesser educated and indigent people are not inclined to take care of their health as notably the wealthier and more educated.

I composed a list of qualities of the healthy people that I have noted to myself.  I was then amazed that Dan Buettner published a popular book, Blue Zones:  Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who Live the Longest.

Herewith my list of qualities that is nearly identical to Mr. Buettner’s:

healthy eating

  1. Long living people have a sense of purpose. I have a model railroad to complete, another book to write, and the desire to build a new home.  What inspires you to rise and shine in the morning?
  2. Eat healthy. A low glycemic diet that is low in sugar eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, and nuts.  Stay away from processed foods and cook for yourself.  Do not eat large meals but smaller ones with greater frequency.  Too many, that is called grazing.
  3. Long living people are active members of a place of worship, members of a club, society or organization. In short, have a sense of belonging.
  4. Know how to cope with stress; as my son tells me, “Roll with it.” Take issues in stride and not let things bother you excessively.
  5. Drink moderately. Moderate amounts of alcohol could be enjoyable for you!  A glass of wine or a beer with dinner is healthy.  Studies show that those who drink moderately live longer than non-drinkers.
  6. Always put family first. I was always impressed with younger family members taking their elders to the drug store.  The young have great respect, love, and admiration for their grandparents and show respect for their knowledge and wisdom.
  7. Stay active! Exercise need not be complicated or super strenuous.  Walking and working out with a medicine ball is all it takes to provide good cardiovascular healthy stimulation and your muscles a needed workout.  It is sad when the patient comes into the pharmacy with their tank of oxygen riding a mobility scooter.
  8. Hang out with friends who like you, support a healthy lifestyle. It is fun and fulfilling having friends with common values and lifestyles.  Why create #4, stress, by associating with the wrong people?  Be associated with like-minded, active, healthy lifestyle people like you.heart healthyhealthy eatinghealthy lifestyle