Are You on Purpose?

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I see so many unhappy people in their lines of work nearly every day than I have seen before.  Pharmacists tired of the routine and mundane work of filling prescriptions, nurses burnt out caring for patients, and finding those working retail disliking their environment but feel trapped.

When conversing with these morose individuals, I find they all have one trait in common.  They all lead lives without purpose.  It is important to know what our purpose in life is.  Life is complicated; bombarded with changes and the need to adapt.  Therefore, it is virtually impossible to be on purpose all the time.  One that is on purpose, however, realizes right away, when they are off track, been blindsided, or even being taken totally off course.

Knowing your purpose provides stability, you have a roadmap, mission to accomplish, and goals to reach.  Individuals with a purpose have lives with meaning.  Why do so many fail to seek their purpose?  Why do they resign themselves to a life of discontentment and heartache?

Life is making the right choices; that includes the choice of finding one’s purpose and pursuing it.  A sense of achievement comes to the person who knows what is purpose is and then makes proper choices that are congruent with his values and strengths.  Experience has taught me that there are four basic choices that we can choose.  One can continue to suffer; that is do nothing.  One can leave their current position in hopes of finding their purpose.  A person may attempt to change an organization or their environment.  Finally, one changes themselves.  When changing oneself, you change your environment to one of reward.

Mark Twain purpose

It is in knowing your values, your beliefs, your interests, your strengths and then working on those personal traits that you bring happiness, value, and fulfillment to your organization and yourself.

Finally, happiness is not a goal, but a by-product of living a life of purpose. Mark Twain purpose