Potassium an Important Electrolyte and Adapting to Change; A Metaphor

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Potassium, as we know, is a vital electrolyte for the body.  This element is crucial to both smooth and skeletal muscular contraction, for building proteins and muscle, nerve conduction, and crucial to heart function.

Patients often have low potassium levels, and there is need to supplement the deficiency.  A hospitalized patient most often receives an IV.  If this essential life element is given wrongly or too fast can lead to serious consequences, even the possibility of death.  Potassium administered too quickly can cause local pain and though not common, vein irritation.  Potassium intoxication will cause tingling or itching feeling caused by nerve damage, and worse muscular or respiratory paralysis, mental confusion, weakness, hypotension, cardiac arrhythmias, and even cardiac arrest.

We live in a world that is subject to constant change and at a rapid pace.  It is, after all, the information age, where new technology, knowledge, and products bombard us continually.  Our living landscape where we work, live, invest, play, utilize new products and services, and even worship becomes too energized, volatile and unpredictable.

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If we are being blasted by more than what we can currently handle, something has to give.  We have choices; we can take the time to rest, reinvent oneself, and learn to live successfully with our new changes.  It is “getting some potassium, not too fast or intoxicating, being mindful of our dosing.”  The sad alternative is to do nothing and find ourselves in a downward spiral.  Ignoring the changes around us leave us with little hope surviving.  Refusing to take a “potassium supplement” or out of desperation take a “potassium IV too rapidly” to catch up has dire consequences.

To succeed, one must constantly embrace learning and enjoy the outcomes of a more successful and fulfilling life. goldfish jumping