Cannabis Investing; An Opportunity or Just Smoke?






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An email invited me to a Cannabis investing virtual event.  I wish that I could have signed up for this event, other commitments prevented me from doing so.

It begs the question; is there truly opportunities in growing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes?  There were going to be over a half dozen speakers at this event.  Information included everything from technologies in growing this ever popular plant to where to invest your money in the stock market and then offering you insight into what is next in marijuana.

I have no intentions of getting into agriculture, planting a few new trees, some perennial flowers, tomato plants, and a few herbs are all that I want to do.  For those desiring to have a green thumb for cannabis there is cultivation technology, help in getting started, and guiding you in ways to successfully dispense your crop for both medicinal and recreational products.

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Investing brings up another question.  Is it truly worth pursuing?  Or is this another dot-com bust in the making?  Is this a market that will grow or will laws in most states continue to limit its germination and fruition?  Currently only three states offer marijuana where it is completely legal: Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.  I live in a state where it is not legal at all, and other states fall somewhere in between.

Several websites give vital information on investing in cannabis.  Visit,,, and finally, an URL that says it all,

There is ample opportunity to learn more.  You could have signed up for the San Francisco Bay Area Cannabis Career and Job Fair that was Sunday, April 11.  Cannabis Culture is a magazine focused on making marijuana legal; the website is www.

Maybe it is time for you to research and ponder this ever growing topic and to develop your thoughts. cannabis plant