Inspired by a Teenage Artist
John Tran painting
I had an inspiring day while attending the premiere art exhibit of John Tran at the Sullivan Munce Cultural Center in Zionsville, IN. John Tran is a young man of fourteen years who is severely autistic. John cannot speak due to sensory overwhelm, his functional skills are lacking, and thus will never have a place in our “normal” society. Yet when he paints, amazingly the untoward effects of autism disappear and he becomes immersed in his work. He enjoys himself, his work flows, his work speaks.
It is our conventional society that has no room for anyone who cannot communicate. We are in an information age where communication is paramount. John has transcended that hurdle by communicating his emotions; seeing the depth of his thoughts on canvas. John paints with a fervor and brings forth thought provoking and emotionally stimulating art that emanates from his heart and soul.
John is fortunate to have great teachers to support him. One truly stands out, his art teacher. Kathy Lloyd works with John to help him develop motor skills while teaching him brush strokes. She gets him to use his brain for creativity and brings him to a “normal state” when he has a brush in hand. Kathy earned an art degree from Marian College in Indianapolis. She has taught senior citizens to paint, enabling those under Kathy’s tutelage to feel accomplished, fulfilled, and enable an elderly individual to have self-worth.
Kathy and John
Kathy too had me mesmerized. She explained to me how certain brush strokes stimulate the brain to function and that teaching John different strokes stimulates his senses enabling John to produce beautiful work.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Kathy for a number of years working at a small community hospital in Indianapolis. She currently continues to work at the hospital as the material management supervisor. Her talents lay in enabling others to grow, to gain in function, in self-esteem, and to develop talents. It is Kathy’s goal to devote full time efforts to help others by teaching them to paint. I want to see her achieve this worthwhile endeavor.
You may learn more of John Tran and his art by visiting his website at  Also, you email or call 317-496-5974 to gain greater insight into John’s talents.

John Tran work in gallery