So What are the 25 Best Jobs in America?
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I was scrolling through articles At Bloomberg Business on my cell phone.  The 25 Best Jobs in America, according to Glassdoor by Jule Verhage grabbed my attention. The the following morning while eating breakfast in the hotel dining room the article was discussed on a TV morning show.  The results were a surprise…initially.
Only two jobs were in healthcare; a physician assistant ranked 7 and barely making the list at 23 was nurse practitioner.  Glassdoor states that their rankings are based on earnings potential, career opportunities, and the number of openings for a given job.  It astonishes me that nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists (which dropped off the list from last year) were not included.
As baby boomers age, healthcare continues to grow.  Why then is there few healthcare professions making Glassdoor’s list?  As for pharmacy, being a pharmacist, I understand.  Retail pharmacy has become a dangerous endeavor with the ever increasing number of pharmacy robberies.  There are more pharmacy schools now, adding a greater pool of young pharmacists entering the market seeking jobs.  The other healthcare professions not making the list, I can only speculate.  Healthcare colleagues work long hours, little flexibility, work evenings and nights, weekends, and holidays.  Healthcare is often stressful, after all human lives are at stake.  Therefore I hypothesize that a career in data science, software, and marketing become more attractive.
As we all know, and the Glassdoor compilation further confirms—we are in an information age.  Nearly one-half of the the U.S. workforce is seeking new employment in 2016, and it will be in seeking satisfying and rewarding work in business and information technology.
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