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Food is a broad topic for a blog, I know.  But I simply wanted to ramble and throw out some thoughts on the subject of sustenance.  It seems like a natural thing to do.  We engorged on food during the holidays and now that it is first of the year most think of getting back onto a healthy track.  So here I go….
Of course food is necessary for life, it is our fuel to provide us all energy.  It is from this point that discussions and views arise.  And they are as varied as a fresh turnip out of the garden to a processed hot dog microwaved at a baseball park.
hot dogs
Some care about the quality and quantity of the food we eat, many do not.  Processed food, fast food, fresh food, organic food, enhanced food, and food with preservatives, and those food items that claim to be preservative free.
ice creamfruit imagefast foods
Too much fat, too many carbs, exceeding protein recommendations.  What is one to do?
Then so many of us take vitamins, supplements, herbs, and nutraceuticals.  Are these really good?  A total waste of money?  If you eat well do you still need to take vitamins?  One should take them anyway?  There are so many choices even us pharmacists don’t readily know all there is to know on the vast and growing topic of nutraceuticals.
pharma and nutra
Then many are on prescription medications.  And you are taking herbs too?  You had better chat with your pharmacist.  Can’t eat grapefruit.  Take this drug on an empty stomach, this medication should be taken with food.
The beginning of a new year where so many have resolutions to lose weight, get healthy, exercise, and eat right.  So many choices, so much to be accountable for as an individual when it comes to choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.
It would be my pleasure to delve into this all important topic further.  Please let me hear from you.  Meanwhile here is to a healthy and happy new year!