No Need for Health Anxiety – Focus on Wellness
Pharmacists enjoy being of service to patients and fellow healthcare professionals.  It is gratifying dispensing vital medications while providing counsel on use and information on the drugs dispensed.  Most people are appreciative of the guidance given.  But there are those who are non-compliant, a challenge that healthcare professionals face, a challenge that I have commented on in a previous blog.  Then there is another patient that provides a special encounter for the healthcare provider—the health anxiety patient.
Both modern healthcare and information has come a long way.  Many diseases have become virtually eradicated; polio, whooping cough, and small pox.  Cardiologists extend life with pacemakers, valve replacements, and even heart transplants.  Oncologists are increasingly finding improved ways of combating cancer.  Computers and the internet provide a plethora of information on health and disease that is available for anyone seeking this information.  And therein lies a potential challenge.
I have seen healthy people worry about their health.  Many will have read something or heard someone speak of a health issue; then have come to see me about their concerns.  Sometimes it is justified, most of the time it is not.  The spend time worrying about their health.  They gain knowledge of a certain disease state and then begin to manifest it in themselves emotionally and psychologically.  Frankly, it is a shame.
Nothing is more to fatal to health, than an over care of it.  —Benjamin Franklin
It is interesting in how our minds work.  When we are only interested in the negative, what could be wrong, that is all we will find when we seek knowledge for ourselves.  Rather than focus on illness, it is by far better to focus on wellness.  It is focusing on the positive and not the negative.
We are far more healthy than we are sick.  Striving for wellness maintains a positive outlook for body, mind, and spirit.
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