Purpose…A Brief Chat and Why?
Mark Twain purpose
Purpose.  Do you have a purpose?  Do you have something to live for?  Let me put it another way, do you know why you are a creature on this planet?
Now of course there has been much written and said about purpose.  There are several books that have been best sellers discussing the value of having purpose in one’s life.  So this blog cannot possibly describe and discuss purpose fully here in less than 500 hundred words.
And still I see colleagues at work with no purpose.  A recent interim gig has me thinking of about one’s work, skills, talents, and mission.  You ask someone what their purpose is and they do not know.  All organizations have a mission statement, many have a vision statement, a company logo or slogan.  Places of worship too have their own mission statements.  Yet many employees or members of a congregation of faithful people do not know what their organization mission statement is, their slogan or the purpose of its existence.  This is sad and disturbing.
This for many may come off as the most basic and elementary blog that they have seen posted.  I agree, it is.  But then why do so many, and I venture to say the majority of employees, do not know their purpose or their organization’s purpose that provides their paycheck?  Now some will say that’s it; my purpose is to collect a paycheck.  And that means too, that a corporation’s sole purpose is to make a profit?
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I have been spending my time at a behavioral health and chemical dependency hospital as an interim Director of Pharmacy.  I see the patients often.  And the patients come and go frequently, in and out of the hospital.  The patients wander the halls aimlessly—until they need drugs.  Then they go to the counter of the nurses’ station demanding a medication fix.  Their only purpose it seems is to live for drugs.  No goals, no positive intentions, no aspirations, and no purpose….just more of a chemical high.
I overhear patients talking with each that when they get out of the hospital how they are going to start their drug habit all over again.  They compare notes with each other on how to get the best high, where to get the best “dope”, and how to make money in this illicit trade.  It is sad that they do not even have a purpose of getting proper treatment from the facility so that they can move forward in a positive way.
Organizations need to state their mission statement with impact.  Individuals needs to have a purpose (besides just getting a high and collecting a paycheck).
What are your goals, your career plans, your personal mission statement, your elevator speech, your slogan?  I have yet to see a ship sail successfully without a rudder. The purpose of life is a life of purpose