Indiana is Number One in Pharmacy Robberies
The DEA (the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency) has reported that pharmacy robberies have increased over the last year, about 75 per month.  And my home state, Indiana, leads all states reporting 68 robberies through May.  It’s now August and I am willing to predict that there has been more.  The Hoosier state far out distances the second ranked state, Wisconsin, that reported 32 robberies through May.
Having a gun pointed at you is downright scary.  It is not easy to be calm and cool like James Bond when a pistol is staring at you from less then three feet.
Greater control of opiate drugs by physicians writing prescriptions, by pharmacists, and by the government has led to desperate measures by the opiate addict and the drug crime rings.  Stores are taking measures to provide safety for their patrons and their employees.  Safety glass windows, improved cameras and in greater numbers, and installing the latest alarm systems are all considerations for improving safety and deterring hold ups.
Still, in my opinion, retail pharmacy has become a hazardous profession.  No, it is not in the top ten per the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.  The number one most hazardous job is logging workers followed by fishing workers and airline pilots.
Providing safety for healthcare providers needs to be a vital concern.  Finding ways to curtail robberies is a grand goal.  But we need to get to the real crux of the problem.  Addiction.  How do we get people help that are addicted?  How do we prevent addiction in the first place?  Should there be greater research in discovering other medications or means by which to alleviate pain without the concern for possible addiction?