A Sad and Alarming Statistic
A sad and alarming statistic seized my attention one morning, while reading Investor’s Business Daily. “Drug Overdose Deaths Double” was the caption in the December 4, 2014 issue of IBD.
“According to one recent report from the CDC [Center for Disease Control], deaths from
overdosing on drugs are up to 13.1 per 100,000 population in ’12, from 6.1 in 1999. Heroin
overdose deaths have nearly tripled, with 5,925 of 41,502 deaths in ’12 from overdoses coming
from heroin. Fatal painkiller overdoses are also on the rise, with 46 people dying from an
overdose of prescription painkillers each day.”

Being a pharmacist, a health care professional, that concerns me greatly. A multitude of questions come to mind:
– Is there someone to blame”
– In the case of death by prescription painkillers, is the prescribing physician at fault?
– Do we make the dispensing pharmacist responsible?
– Should it become a greater social concern and responsibility?
– What about the individual’s own accountability?
– Are we raising a society of irresponsible, low self-esteem, depressed, and self-centered
– Do we need to provide greater education?
– Could these deaths be due to a lack of spirituality, of faith?
– So now who should take action?
– Where do we start or raise our efforts to a new heightened level?

So do we start to raise our efforts? Yes, I believe so. It seems that we need a new approach to the ever increasing problem.