Rising to the Occasion Assistance or Handling Erectile Dysfunction
Viagra™ PrescriptionsI feel sorry for men that have a problem in not being able to perform. Especially when it comes to sexual matters. Surely it must be frustrating, humiliating, and even depressing. Of course, there is a medical term for this malady, it’s called erectile dysfunction or simply ED for short. Now I just like to call it not rising to the occasion.The first drug to hit this market was Viagra™. Everyone has heard of Viagra™, but there are Cialis™, and Levitra™ too. These drugs are actually the right thing, prior to this one way of obtaining an erection was by way of penile injection. The drugs used for this dreaded procedure are papaverine and phenoxybenzamine. I am a male and I say no thank you! I can’t imagine that, I would rather just practice celebacy.

If you are reading this and are male and have gotten a prescription for one of these drugs, you know they aren’t inexpensive. They are downright pricy. As of this writing, they are selling for over twenty dollars a tablet. These poor guys come in and spend over $100 to obtain five of these adorable “bedroom partners for action”.

One man, a regular customer, always kind of a grump, finally barked at me. “Why aren’t these drugs covered under my insurance”?, he questioned. “This is ridiculous to pay this much for this stinkin’ pill”, he continued to rant. Oh, he had other prescriptions to pick for his wife and himself too. He proceeded to pay for his other orders with a credit card. Now you know, Brad, don’t ring up the Viagra™ when you ring up my other meds, I want the Viagra™ rang up separately. So I did, he paid cash for the Viagra™. What a proud man, he doesn’t want his wife to know he needs help in the bedroom. He then continues to harangue about his expensive performance enhancing drug. He was now wearing on me. “Why doesn’t my insurance pay for these?”, he inquired again.

“Well, big guy,” I said, there are many drugs that insurance companies do not pay for such as teenage acne medicine, birth control pills, and your Viagra™. Your insurance company doesn’t pay for sporting goods!”