The Most Observant Man on Earth
Godiva was a lady who through Coventry did ride,
Showing all the villagers here lovely bare white hide.
The most observant man on earth,
The pharmacist of course,
Was the only one who noticed that Godiva rode a horse.

Those lines are the first verse to one of my beloved fraternity songs.  I was a member of Kappa Psi, a social-professional fraternity for pharmacy majors.  It was always a favorite whenever we went serenading too.

Well, its true.  Pharmacists are observant…very observant.  We are also among the most respected, most trusted, and often the most dependable.

I remember back in pharmacy school, our Dean stated, “Now your customers will count on you and expect you to give them all kinds of information.  You’ll be expected to know the Greyhound Bus schedule in town and immediately know what battery goes in li’l Johnny’s toy car.

I remember my first job out of pharmacy school.  I was an intern pharmacist for a drug store located in a shopping mall.  I still vividly remember the first question I received, “What time does the bus stop here?!”

I just started, I had not even put in my first full hour.  I didn’t know.  The customer then chastised me for my lack of observation and my poor service.  I was hurt, I was frustrated.  My first day on the job and I had a customer altercation.

“Yup, that’s part of your job Brad,” my pharmacist manager stated.

I made a point to have the city bus schedule with me.  I was glad I did.  The bus schedule was a very popular question.  Oh sure, flashbacks of my Dean at North Dakota State and his comments about the Greyhound bus rang true.

So how many times is there more to a job than we realize? What one thinks is unexpected is often expected by the customer.  Experiences like these allow us to learn and grow in customer relations and service.

Are you going out of your way in your career?  Do you do tasks that are unexpected?

So…are you too, going to notice that Godiva is riding a horse?