Welcome to My New Blog
So many times in my career I have been “underwhelmed” with organizational leadership.  As a pharmacist, there are many experiences to share. I have been a leader myself.  There were times I was harshly criticized for my lack of critical thinking, and times where I was lavished with praise for my wisdom and high-minded decision making.

I want to share these with you.

I have a degree in pharmacy and thus a pharmacist.  I have no business degree whatsoever.  My business education is achieved by experience, seminars, and reading well-known business and leadership authors.

I think my blog will provide you:

1.  Light-hearted looks at organizational leadership, mainly what I view as gaffes.  I have seen a lot; in    corporations, small business, and healthcare.  It is my desire that a blog provides a lesson, or some enlightenment.

2.  Stories of my life in healthcare, especially pharmacy.  I hope to be humorous.  Some tales will be more serious in nature.  Let’s face it; we as humans are funny at times.  I would at least like to fetch a feeble smile from you if not a hearty laugh.

3.  No ranting.  Many of us pharmacists have come to despise our profession.  It is sad, but true; but I do not want to do that here.

4.  A resource for information on leadership, management and healthcare.  Do you want a list of resources?  If you would like to see something or would like my thoughts on a subject…please let me hear from you.

5.  A chance to hear your feedback.  I would love to hear from you and receive advice.  I am all ears!

So let us have a pleasurable time while we learn from each other.