Writing that challenges the left-brain right-brain theory.

Science is objective and logical—it’s left brained. Writing is thought of as a craft, an art, and right brained.

Combining the two creates compelling articles, white papers, and case studies.

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Brad specializes in business, healthcare and biomedical writing. His services include writing effective grant proposals, sales letters, articles, press releases, newsletters, PowerPoint and Slide Deck presentations, reports, and more.

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Feeling Haughty over Those Who Struggle and are Downtrodden

One of the most disheartening events is being called in on a medical emergency from one overdosing on drugs whose life is in danger.  In a hospital, such an event is known as a code blue.   Usually, it is a young man or woman.  It is sad. During the crisis healthcare professionals struggle to keep … more »

Where Do You Lead Being Dogmatic, Pragmatic, or Undoctrinaire?

Reading a quotation from Sir William Osler, a Canadian physician and one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital induced me to ponder immensely.  He stated, “The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism.” When exposed to an environment where the rules are stringent, the process has no flexibility, and the mandates are … more »

Do You Believe that Pondering and Thinking is a Source of Pleasure?

Boredom with life is something I witness so often in healthcare, both patients, and workers.  What is often coupled with boredom is apathy, lack of initiative, and even low self-esteem.  The hospital patient laments that there is nothing worth doing.  There is no interest in their life, and yet I sense an appetite for excitement … more »

Most business books provide examples of success stories: profitable enterprises, thriving entrepreneurs, and effective case studies. This book offers aha moments.

In Musings of a Most Observant Man: The House Always Wins, author Brad G. Philbrick pulls from his years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to offer a host of valuable lessons and observations that allow you to learn—and laugh—from the actions of others. After all, let’s face it: We learn just as much if not more from stupid decisions.
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